Brand Momentum

Brand Momentum

The new deal.

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Momentum. It’s a powerful thing. It can shift anything from casual conversations to general elections.

It all used to be so incredibly easily hard. One great idea executed well and you were golden. Brands could live on one campaign for years and one well peformed action could carry a whole company. Of course, thinking of those ideas were hard - but at least the rules were clear. Channels were few and concentrated and so were the audiences.

But everything is changing.

Today consumers show new behaviors and new demands that stretch far beyond a single point of entry for brands. Today, brands must practice what they preach or the fall will be that much greater. At the same time demands are rising for not only better quality content – but for better quality topics.

The Everywhere-All-the-Time

How do you create a core brand idea that can cope with todays always-on media cycle? And more importantly how do you make a lasting impression through all those interactions? The scary part is that even one bad interaction will stick with your customers far stronger, and longer than you’d want them to. It's time for a new type of creative thinking to respond to the new consumer demands.

The Belief Driven economy

All studies show, that wether we’re deciding on toothpaste or a new career one trend topple all others. And it’s that brand neeeds to respond to the personal beliefs of the conscious consumer. Today more than half of consumers consider themselves to be belief-driven and brands need to heed the call.

Brand Momentum

Brand Momentum is a holistic approach for looking at marketing based on these new demands. It’s the ability and know-how for hatching and delivering ideas that engage highly but more importantly span wide across all part of the customer journey. It’s something your company can believe in and your co-workers can act upon. It’s creating a force inside your company - ready to unleash.

We don't have all the answers. But here is a place we look for them. Brand Momentum F/W18 is launching November.

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Coming November -18

Brand Momentum F/W18