Budget Responsibilities - Campaign

“It’s possible… Definitely kind of possible. Maybe.”

- Johanna, fictional project manager of Härnösands Kommun


The first spot that launched the campaign

Unsung heroes

Härnösands Kommun approached Oh My for a campaign to deliver the message that they were subsidising public transport. At the same time they were very keen to also put the public workers responsible for this initiative at the forefront.

We at Oh My embraced the challenge and delivered an unorthodox campaign that took a humourus look at the struggles of being in public office. With the insight that people often take public work for granted and don’t appreciate the struggle of civil servants we wanted to portray that everyday uphill battle while at the same time market local public transport.

In the campaign we follow Johanna who has the task of delivering the great news that public transport is being massively subsidised while at the same time being responsible for the city keeping their public budget.


Johanna launches a DIY campaign


Johanna gets on her hustle to close the budget gap


Johanna gives up


Johanna turns it around


Johanna gets back on the horse


Johanna has printer problems

Record breaking results

Bus passes broke all sales records for Härnösand Kommun. But it did not only get the message across. It was one of the cities most engaging campaigns ever garnering a lot of attention and interaction with it’s story driven narrative on social media.


Johanna goes guerilla… kind of


Johanna addresses the public

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