Skidstahus - Branding

Building blocks for a growing company

Our long time friends at Skidstahus said that they were finally ready to take their brand to the next level and asked us to be a part of that journey. By transforming and pushing their brand into a new digital era we brought their customers, as well as their sales team, closer to the business and enabling new ways of communicating  blueprints, scandinavian living, house design and the dream of building that beautiful personalized home.

We came up with a design system solution based on a few simple geometric shapes that together can build whatever you can dream of. Just like the tag line of Skidstahus promises.

“After working with the client for many years I felt comfortable to really push the identity to the next level”

- Tobias, designer at Oh My

Giving design a seat at the table

With the rise in demand of well thought out design solutions from todays conscious consumers no part of your brand can get left behind if you want to truly deliver a great customer journey. It doesn’t matter how great the houses are if the branding isn’t up to par. With this new look we can’t wait to see what Skidstahus will be able to accomplish.

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